Fire District 63

Rapid Intervention Team

What is it? Created in 1997, F.A.S.T. (Firefighter Assist Search Team) or R.I.T. (Rapid Intervention Team) operations were put into service. Schuylkill Haven’s F.A.S.T. program in correlation in surrounding Fire Departments was designed to provide a team of highly qualified firefighters to implement search and rescue techniques to firefighters who are unable to complete their tasks due to unforeseen complications such as injury or illness at the fire scene. When dispatched to assist other fire companies, the F.A.S.T. will respond with the Schuylkill Hose E-733, and Squad 739 (the primary F.A.S.T. apparatus). Firefighters will then stand by the fire scene, fully equipped with turn out gear, self contained breathing apparatus, forcible entry tools, rope, lights, and portable radio’s.