Fire District 63

December 29, 2009- Working Barn Fire in West Brunswick **MLK PHOTOS**

December 29, 2009- At 03:32 Schuylkill Haven stations 1 & 4 were dispatched to527 Green Tree Drive, West Brunswick Twp, for a working barn fire. At the request of incident command, Chief 42, (Strouse) station 1 was sent for Ladder 725 and station 4 for a full station response. As Schuylkill Haven units were taking the long drive down Route 61 a 1st and 2nd alarm Tanker Task Force was dispatched to the scene bringing in: New Ringgold, Friedensburg, Summit Station Berks Company 77 (Port Clinton). After arriving on location Ladder 725 was set up and began using the master stream from the ladder. Tanker 738 arrived and began to feed Engine 42-11 attacking the fire. Engine 737 was asked to set up across the street from the fire building and began drafting out of a pond and stretched LDH to an awaiting 47-10 also attacking the fire. After the water supply was set up by E737 the 2nd and 3rd alarm Tanker Task Force was released back to their stations. All apparatus remained on scene until about 07:15. **MLK PHOTOS**PC285332PC285333PC285335PC285337PC285342PC285346PC285357PC285361PC285365PC285369

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