Fire District 63

September 18, 2012 – MVA w/Injuries and Flyout (Parkway Ave)

September 18, 2012 – At 17:20 Stations 1 & 4 were dispatched to the intersection of Parkway Avenue and West Main Street for a vehicle accident with injuries. Crews arrived on scene to find a head-on collision with one patient seriously injured. Crews from Station 1 & 4 assisted EMS with patient removal from the vehicle and secured the utilities on both vehicles. EMS then requested an aeromedical to fly 1 patient. Chief 723 (Motko) advised SCCC to dispatch Station 2 to “the island” to handle the landing zone. Crews from Station 2 setup a secure area for PennStar 4 to land and assisted with patient transport to the bird. All SHFD units were on scene for approximately 45 minutes.


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