Fire District 63

3/02/2013- Chimney Fire

Mar. 02, 2013- At 8:22 Station 4 was dispatched along with Fire Districts 47,56,and 42 to 97 Meadow Drive, South Manheim Township for a Chimney Fire. Engine 737 and Tanker 738 were quickly on the Road along with Chief 47 and 730. CHief 47 arrived on scene to find that the homeowner had the fire knocked down and the wood burner unloaded. 47-10 & 47-32 were the first apparatus to arrive and their crew begun to investigate the chimney. Engines 737 and 56-10 arrived at the same time and the crew from 737 went inside the structure and the crew from 56-10 went to the roof to investigate. Crews from Tanker 738, Engine 56-11, 42-30, and 42-10 staged on Meadow Drive. After investigating it was found that the fire was built up creosote that had ultimately burnt away.  Crews were on scene for approx 1 hr Chief 47 Schuylkill Fire Had Command.

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